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If you have a bony bump near the bottom joint of your big toe, it is probably a bunion.

Left untreated, bunions can grow larger, causing foot pain that may interfere with your ability to walk.

The experienced podiatrists at North County Foot & Ankle Specialists in Escondido, CA, can reduce or eliminate painful bunion symptoms...

Before and After Bunion Treatment

Before treatment
Before Large, uncomfortable bunion causing big toe misalignment.
After treatment
After Big toe is now aligned properly and discomfort is reduced.

What Is a Bunion?

  • Bunions are deformities formed when your front foot bones become misaligned, a condition known as hallux valgus.
  • The misaligned bones make the top half of your big toe point inward toward your second toe. 
  • Tendons then tighten, pulling the toe further inward.
  • This causes the bottom joint of your big toe to bulge outward. The bulge is the actual bunion.
  • Factors such as tight shoes, arthritis, toe injuries, foot injuries, or birth defects can cause bunions to grow.

How Dr. Morris Can Relieve Your Bunion Pain

Board-certified podiatric surgeon Jason Morris, one of the top podiatrists in greater San Diego, CA, has successfully treated patients with bunions for over ten years. He offers advanced treatments like these:

Customized Orthotics

Our hand-made orthotics, worn in your shoes, are molded to the exact shape of your foot, correcting bone misalignments and relieving pain much better than pre-packaged, store-bought insoles.


Dr. Morris performs state-of-the-art triplanar correction surgery using 3-D digital imaging and using a minimal incision approach. This procedure precisely rotates misaligned big toe bones back into place. A metal plate is then attached to the bones to keep them that way. Dr. Morris focuses on performing bunion surgery correctly the first time so that the deformities don't recur.

Combined Treatment

Dr. Morris may recommend both surgery and custom orthotics to keep your foot pain-free and your bunion from growing back.

Why Contact North County Foot & Ankle Specialists?

"Our caring physicians treat all aspects of foot and ankle pathology with advanced procedures and a 'patient first' approach."  Dr. Jason Morris

Who Develops More Bunions: Men or Women?

According to Harvard Medical School, bunions are ten times more common in women than in men. There are two main reasons:

High Heels

The weight of your body forcibly pushes your toes forward into the shoe's tight, narrow front space, which can cause bone misalignment.


Extra pregnancy weight can cause flat feet, which may make your feet roll inward while walking. This can move big toe bones out of alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Perform Surgery?

Dr. Morris mainly uses local surgery centers in San Diego, CA, which can minimize patient costs. Some minor procedures can be completed on-site at our Escondido office.

I'm Afraid of Pain. Does Bunion Treatment Hurt?

If surgery is needed, local or general anesthesia will keep you comfortable and pain-free.

Does Dr. Morris Treat Other Foot and Ankle Issues?

Absolutely! He is trained to treat sprained ankles, diabetic wounds, plantar fasciitis, nerve problems, and more.

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