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Sudden flare ups of burning pain and swelling of the big toe or another joint can be caused by a common form of arthritis known as gout.

The board-certified podiatrists of North Country Foot & Ankle Specialists use advanced tools to treat gout attacks.

Why should you contact our Escondido, CA, podiatry practice when fiery pain and swelling suddenly affects your big toe or another joint?

Board-Certified Podiatrists

Drs. Jason Morris and Avanti Redkar are both board-certified, meaning they have undergone years of additional specialized education and training that many foot and ankle specialists do not have. They also were required to pass an extremely difficult exam given by a board of distinguished experts in their field. In essence, our Escondido, CA, area doctors are at the top of their profession when it comes to diagnosing and treating foot and ankle related conditions such as gout.

What Causes Gout?

  • A rise in the uric acid level in your bloodstream is responsible for sudden gout attacks. If your kidneys cannot process this abundance of uric acid, sharp dagger-like crystals can form and build up in your joints, especially your big toe.
  • Your uric acid level can rise if you consume too much red meat or liver, sugary or alcoholic beverages, or seafood that is rich in a natural substance called purine (tuna, trout, scallops, etc.)
  • Uric acid levels can also rise if you are overweight, have high blood pressure or kidney disease, or have a family history of gout.
  • Men tend to develop gout more often than women as men usually have a higher level of uric acid. Women normally have low uric acid levels until after menopause, when the uric acid in their bloodstream begins to rise.
  • Certain medications that treat high blood pressure, kidney disease, anti-rejection drugs for organ transplant patients, or diuretics can cause too much uric acid in your body.
  • If left untreated, excess uric acid and its associated crystals can cause kidney stones, destroy joints, and create sensitive nodules on your feet and ankles.

Before and After Gout Treatment

Foot before treatment
Foot after treatment
Treatment by our pioneering foot and ankle doctors can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of gout attacks, and prevent gout attacks from reoccurring. 

Suffering from Intense, Sudden Joint Pain? Contact Us for a Gout Consultation

Dr. Morris and Dr. Redkar have almost 20 years of combined, top-grade experience treating foot and ankle issues like gout. They will use advanced, specific diagnostic testing to determine if gout is causing your discomfort, after which an individualized non-surgical treatment plan can be put in place.

Gout attacks can be incredibly painful. Don't suffer. Contact our patient-friendly Escondido, CA, practice as soon as a flare up occurs. Use our simple online form or call us right away. Our doctors are not afraid to go toe to toe with this serious, life-affecting medical condition. 

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Dr. Jason Morris
Dr. Jason Morris

A 5-Star Review for Our Escondido, CA, Practice

"I was hoping to find a female Podiatrist. I had a bad experience locally. One of my doctors recommended this practice. The first appointment available was with Dr. Redkar. I was pleasantly surprised the doctor was female. I have has several appointments and she is professional, listens to all my concerns and problems. She explains everything to me nicely and makes everything understandable and gentle treatment. I am so glad this practice was recommended to me and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to be treated respectfully." Martha B. - 2021

Four Symptoms of a Gout Attack

Number one

Prolonged Joint Pain

Gout attacks can cause severe discomfort for up to 12 hours. It may take several days or weeks for the pain to completely vanish.

Number two


The affected joint may swell and feel like it is on fire. If this happens to your big toe, walking may become difficult.

Number three

Limited Motion

As pain and swelling grows, you may develop limited mobility in the affected joint.

Number four

Kidney Stones

If you develop kidney stones, which are crystallized masses of uric acid, it could mean that a gout attack triggered by too much uric acid buildup is about to occur. 

Is Gout a Common Condition?

Gout used to be called "the disease of kings," because royalty in days of old often developed it due to their extravagant, rich diets and massive alcohol consumption. In reality, though, anyone can suffer an attack of gout caused by excessive uric acid in the bloodstream.

Gout infographic

*According to Medscape

More 5-Star Reviews from Satisfied Patients


Tim Eickhoff


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While vacationing in Escondido, I began experiencing sharp pains in my right foot. I thought about dealing with the discomfort until I returned home, but the pain became unbearable. I was not too familiar with the area, so I did the best research I could online trying to determine where to schedule my appointment. I discovered North County Foot & Ankle and could not have been more pleased with the results. Not only were they able to schedule me for a same-day appointment, but I was seen by Dr. Morris at the time of my appointment (no delays!). The facilities were welcoming and I was warmly greeted at the office by their staff. Dr. Morris was able to give me a confident diagnosis and assure me it would not be long before I could go hiking again. I really enjoyed my experience and would only wish I did not have to travel out of town to see Dr. Morris again.

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Jamilah N. McCluney


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I have flat feet and have suffered from plantar fasciitis for years. I finally decided to seek help after the pain in both feet became excruciating to walk and stand. I was prescribed orthotics from a previous podiatrist and felt no relief. *Enter North County Foot & Ankle Specialists here* After meeting Dr. Avanti Redkar and complaining to her about my issues, she knew exactly what I needed. She immediately got me in for treatment and walked me through everything I would need to do to ensure I had successful long term effects. For the first time in over 20 years, I wake up and walk completely pain free. I had become so accustomed to living with the pain, I never imagined my life without it, until now. My only regret is that I didn't find Dr. Redkar sooner!

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Cost and Insurance

  • Since gout is a medical condition, treatment will most likely be covered by insurance. Our Escondido, CA, practice accepts most major PPOs and HMOs. 
  • Contact our practice for exact price quotes for gout treatments. Should out-of-pocket costs occur, our warm and friendly staff will do everything they can to make treatment as affordable as possible. We value patients over profits.
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