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A hammertoe is an uncomfortable foot deformity that can make it difficult to walk and cause you to lose confidence in your appearance.

Our podiatrists, Dr. Avanti Redkar and Dr. Jason Morris, can treat your hammertoe with non-invasive options or surgery.

Visit North County Foot & Ankle Specialists in Escondido, CA, to begin care for your hammertoe.

What Is


When your tendons and muscles are out of balance, you may have a deformity called hammertoe. It can worsen over time, with the tendons and muscles causing the affected toe to fold over itself. For some people, this condition may be genetic, while others may develop a hammertoe as a result of an accident or toe injury. Hammertoe does not affect the big toe. It most often affects the second toe and third toe.

Recognizing Hammertoe ​A Closer Look at the Condition

Hammertoe diagram.
The tendons and muscles in this foot are disproportionate and out of balance. You can recognize this deformity as hammertoe due to the contracted affected toe.

What Are the Signs of Hammertoe? If you notice these symptoms, you may have hammertoe:

Contracted Toes

Inability to Straighten Deformed Toe

Difficulty Walking

Redness, Swelling, and Inflammation

Open Sores

Pain or Discomfort

Calluses and Corns

The Differences Between Hammertoe and Bunions

Hammertoe Affecting the Second Toe
Hammertoe Affecting the Second Toe
Bunion Affecting the Big Toe
Bunion Affecting the Big Toe
Hammertoes and bunions are both toe conditions caused by misalignments of tendons and bone, but they present in different locations. Hammertoe usually affects the third and second toe, while bunions only affect your big toe.

It's also important to note that hammertoes involve issues with the middle joint of the toe, which causes affected toe to bend downward. Bunions, by contrast, are bumps that form at the joint at the base of the big toe.

Hammertoe Correction Is a Phone Call Away Contact Our Podiatrists in Escondido, CA

If you think you have a hammertoe, Dr. Jason Morris and Dr. Avanti Redkar can help. With early diagnosis, you might be able to avoid surgery entirely thanks to the non-invasive options we provide at our North County San Diego practice.

During your visit to North County Foot & Ankle Specialists, our doctors can review your symptoms and discuss different treatment options in greater detail.

To speak with our board-certified podiatrists about your situation, contact North County Foot & Ankle Specialists. You can also call our office in Escondido, CA:

(760) 745-1226

Patients throughout San Diego County trust Dr. Morris and Dr. Redkar to straighten their hammertoe with treatments like splinting or surgery.

"My expectations have been exceeded." Need Reassurance? Listen to Our Escondido, CA, Patients


David Onate


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Friendly and professional office/nursing staff.

Dr. Morris is very clear about procedures and expectations and very easy to understand. Appointments were always on-time.

Highly recommended!

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Jen Wass


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I came to see Dr. Morris after a very long and disappointing experience with another Podiatrist. My expectations have been exceeded not only from him, but his great staff as well. He listened, and very clearly explained my situation and the possible treatment options available. I now feel as though I am in very competent hands.

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Hammertoe Can Progress Over Time Making Early Treatment Crucial

Like many medical conditions, a hammertoe responds best to earlier treatment. This deformity may worsen over time, so you do not want to let it develop any further than it already has. By delaying treatment, the affected toes may become less mobile.

Delaying professional hammertoe correction could also affect the treatment process. Instead of simpler treatments, such as the use of oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or additional padding for your feet, you may require surgery to straighten the affected toe.

In addition to diagnosing your condition, Dr. Redkar and Dr. Morris can review all of your treatment options.

Foot pain

When Might I Need Hammertoe Surgery?

You may need hammertoe surgery if an open sore begins to develop or if the toe has become immobile and affects your ability to walk.

Keep in mind that we typically will not recommend surgery as a first treatment option unless the case of hammertoe is severe and has a notable effect on your quality of life.

Dr. Morris and Dr. Redkar will exhaust all nonsurgical options for hammertoe before discussing surgical correction.

If you need hammertoe surgery, our podiatrists in North County San Diego will treat you with kindness and compassion before, during, and after the procedure.


"You can tell they really care about their patients." Why Escondido, CA, Patients Trust Us


Katie S


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I'm so glad I decided to come here for a second opinion on my toe. Dr. Morris is extremely knowledgeable and good at what he does. His staff is amazing - they really go above and beyond. You can tell they really care about their patients. Thank you!

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Leah P


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This was the first podiatrist I’ve been to that actually listened to me and did more diagnostics than X-rays to help with my pain. I’m currently pain free. All the office staff is friendly and helpful. Can’t recommend these folks enough.

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Saturday Appointments Available

Have a busy schedule? We make things a little bit easier for you. North County Foot & Ankle Specialists offers Saturday appointments for your convenience. If you need to visit our Escondido, CA, office on Saturday, we are open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

We Accept Insurance

Cost Should Not Stop You From Getting the Treatment You Need

Fear over the cost of healthcare stops many patients from pursuing necessary medical treatments. However, it's important to remember that as your hammertoe worsens, treatment may grow more invasive and expensive.

We Work With Your Insurance Provider to Keep Care Affordable

Our North County San Diego practice accepts insurance, which allows you to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs for hammertoe treatment. We can answer your questions about insurance during your visit.

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