The doctors at North County Foot & Ankle Specialists have many years of experience treating the amateur and professional athlete conservatively and if necessary, surgically. Common athletic injuries such as sprained ankle, ankle fracture, chronic ankle pain, Lisfranc dislocation, metatarsal fractures, plantar fasciitis and tendon ruptures can be devastating but treatable injuries to the weekend warrior and professional athlete. Because of recent advances in both biologic  implants, biologic injectables, and dynamic permanent implants the practice of sports medicine has evolved to be much more effective especially with quicker recovery and return to competition and athletic activities. The doctors at North County Foot & Ankle Specialists have biologic and dynamic implants from companies such as Wright medical, Arthrex and Smith and Nephew. 


The doctors at North County Foot & Ankle Specialists have perfected and pioneered many variations of arch and rear foot reconstructive procedures for adults that have severe deformities from either an injury or a progressive arthritic debilitating condition. Because of the recent advancement in surgical research and development procedures to correct these deformities, injuries and arthritic conditions can be performed with much more reliability, less pain and quicker healing time.


The doctors and North County Foot & Ankle Specialists have decades of experience treating and healing a wide range of lower extremity wounds including diabetic wounds, burns, wounds from trauma, post surgical wounds and wounds caused from cancerous skin.  Lower extremity wounds are unique in that foot or ankle deformities, pressure and vascularity play a much more significant role in how these wounds heal.  Podiatric surgeons are specialized in treating all of the components of the wound including the underlying cause. We take a personalized approach to treating the wound and the underlying cause of the wound because each wound is unique and needs to be treated as such to maximize healing.  This is done through a wide variety of modalities including skin grafts, skin graft substitutes, custom inserts/bracing, wound VAC (vacuum assisted closure) and surgical intervention if needed.  A common mistake with healing wounds is treating each wound the same.  At North County Foot & Ankle Specialists we recognize the need to diagnose the underlying issues which caused the wound as the most vital component of wound healing.  This allows for a quicker, more predictable course of wound healing that results in a higher rate of success with healing wounds.


If your child has a tendency for foot problems you should know that a proper orthotic for your child can dramatically improve their foot function and condition as an adult. Over the years, our doctors have perfected a somewhat different type of an orthotic that produces more control of the foot. This type of prescription orthotic can prevent congenital flat foot deformities from forming later on in your child’s life. Orthotics on an adult can dramatically reduce symptoms but it wont change a deformity. Orthotics on a child can limit or maybe even correct a congenital deformity or flat foot condition if worn faithfully and started soon enough. This is because the younger the child is the more malleable and shapeable their bone structure is. The sooner in your child's life that an orthotic is used the more effective and more profound benefit it will have in their adult life. Every day of a child’s treatment missed is a day of golden opportunity missed.


The doctors at North County Foot & Ankle Specialists perform all of the basic foot and ankle procedures that most modern podiatrists offer ranging from nail care to ankle surgery and casting. However, we also perform flat foot and other advanced procedures on children that most podiatrists may not perform. They have performed these procedures with considerable success and parental satisfaction for quite some time. The procedures for children tend not to involve having to cut or handle the bone. They tend to be what we call soft tissue in nature. The beauty of this is that children having these types of procedures recover remarkably quick and many times have little need for pain medication or missing much school. Because children's bones are still growing (their growth plates are still open) their feet are more malleable therefore soft tissue procedures are very effective for them.

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The team of compassionate podiatrists at North County Foot & Ankle Specialists in Escondido, CA, can provide the care you need to address sports injuries, pain, and other general foot and ankle conditions. Our doctors are members of several professional organizations, including:

  • The American Podiatric Medical Association
  • The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • The American Board of Podiatric Medicine

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