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Are you dealing with foot and ankle pain or swelling? Is it painful to walk or exercise? You may have tendonitis.

Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon. It can cause pain and stiffness and can make daily activities like walking difficult.

Our board-certified doctors can diagnose and treat your tendonitis at North County Foot & Ankle Specialists in Escondido, CA.

Are You in Foot or Ankle Pain? Contact Our Escondido, CA, Practice

Even minor aches and pains of the foot and ankle can lead to further issues if left untreated. Contact our practice if pain, swelling, or stiffness interferes with your ability to walk or exercise. Our experienced specialists can accurately diagnose and treat your issue to end your pain and restore mobility. 

What Causes Tendonitis?

There are several causes of tendonitis, some of which are unpreventable. However, you can take certain steps, like stretching and taking care to not overuse the tendon, to reduce your risk of developing the condition. 


The most common cause of tendonitis is overuse of the tendon. Overstretching, a general increase in physical activity, and excessive walking, running, or sprinting can increase your risk of tendonitis.


A previous foot or ankle injury can lead to tendonitis. An ankle sprain, overstretching your tendon, or rolling your ankle during a sporting event can all cause the condition to develop. 

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can put you at a higher risk of developing tendonitis. Conditions that cause inflammation, like rheumatoid arthritis and gout, may lead to issues of the tendon.

Arch Structure

The shape of your foot and arch can affect your risk of tendonitis. If you have flat feet or extremely high arches, it can put more stress on your tendons as you walk.

Your Shoes Matter Support Your Feet
To Prevent Injury


It's important to wear shoes that support the arches of your feet while doing any form of physical activity. The added support from a good pair of shoes helps to relieve stress on your tendons and support the proper function of your feet and ankles. Wearing supportive shoes is especially important if you have extremely low or high arches.

You Don't Have to Live in Pain Request a Consultation With Our Foot and Ankle Specialists

Foot and ankle pain can be debilitating. Instead of living with your symptoms, turn to North County Foot & Ankle Specialists for a solution.

Our board-certified doctors, Jason Morris and Avanti Redkar, can provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment to help alleviate your pain and restore your quality of life. Our doctors have more than 10 years of experience providing all aspects of foot and ankle care to patients in the San Diego area. 

Don't let foot and ankle pain stop you from living a full life. Contact our Escondido, CA, practice today.


Drs. Jason Morris and Avanti Redkar can provide treatment that ends your pain and enhances your quality of life.

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Cindy Van


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I’m offering my five star review for North County Foot and Ankle specialists but most importantly for Dr. Avanti Redkar.
After a miserable and failed surgery from another local podiatrist I came to Dr. Redkar who has been giving me outstanding treatment!... I highly recommend this office along with Dr.Redkar and hope you too have the good fortune of being treated so wonderfully!

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Christi Barbosa


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I enjoyed and respect Dr. Morris and his staff members!!... They’ve sent me a Thank You card in the mail, they’ve listened to me when I’ve called complaining about my pain and discomfort. Dr. Morris even got back to me within 10 minutes of my call... If you’re looking for solutions for your current foot problems I suggest you try Dr. Morris and his staff. Im so grateful to have found this place. I wish I would’ve found it earlier so I could’ve curtailed my feet issues

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Diagnosing Tendonitis

If you suspect you may have tendonitis, come to our Escondido, CA, practice to have your foot and ankle examined by one of our doctors. Depending on your symptoms, they can run several tests to determine the cause of your discomfort.

Accurate diagnosis leads to the most effective treatment. Our doctors have several methods to identify the cause of your symptoms.
Accurate diagnosis leads to the most effective treatment. Our doctors have several methods to identify the cause of your symptoms.

Health History

One of our Escondido doctors will review your health history and note any preexisting conditions, like arthritis, that could put you at higher risk for tendonitis.

Physical Exam

Your doctor will gently press on areas where you are experiencing pain to identify the origin of the issue. They may ask you to perform certain movements to see if your pain level increases or decreases.


Depending on your pain level and the severity of your symptoms, your doctor may order an X-ray or a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI). The X-ray can determine if you have any broken bones, and the MRI can identify any tears in your tendons.

Our Patients Are Our Priority "You can tell they really care about their patients."


Katie S


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I'm so glad I decided to come here for a second opinion on my toe. Dr. Morris is extremely knowledgeable and good at what he does. His staff is amazing - they really go above and beyond. You can tell they really care about their patients. Thank you!

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Leah P


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This was the first podiatrist I’ve been to that actually listened to me and did more diagnostics than X-rays to help with my pain. I’m currently pain free. All the office staff is friendly and helpful. Can’t recommend these folks enough.

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The Types of Tendonitis

Several tendons help your foot and ankle stay mobile. During your evaluation at our Escondido, CA, practice, serving the Greater San Diego area, your podiatrist will determine which of your tendons is inflamed to provide the most effective treatment.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is a large tendon that connects your calf to your heel. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon is most common amongst physically active patients. Stiffness, inflammation, and pain around the heel are common signs of Achilles tendonitis. 

Flexor Tendonitis

Flexor Tendonitis

The flexor tendon is a large tendon that stretches from your calf muscle to your big toe. Flexor tendonitis is commonly seen amongst dancers or patients who flex their toes often. The pain from this form of tendonitis can be felt in the ankle and big toe.

Peroneal Tendonitis

Peroneal Tendonitis

The peroneal tendons run along the outside of your ankle and foot. Inflammation from peroneal tendonitis can cause pain on the outside of your ankle or near your pinky toe.

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Your posterior tibial tendon is attached to the back of your shin bone and connects to the inner side of your foot. This form of tendonitis is common among patients with flat feet. The pain usually occurs on the inside of the foot (along the side of the big toe).

Extensor Tendonitis

Extensor Tendonitis

Your extensor tendons run along the top of your foot. Irritation of these tendons can be caused by something as simple as tying your shoelaces too tightly. Discomfort is felt in the top of your foot.

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The team of compassionate podiatrists at North County Foot & Ankle Specialists in Escondido, CA, can provide the care you need to address sports injuries, pain, and other general foot and ankle conditions. Our doctors are members of several professional organizations, including:

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